Abandonment Valve

The Abandonment Valve provides a means for temporarily abandoning a well without tripping out a workstring. This valve is run in conjunction with a heavy duty service packer. The Abandonment Valve and packer are designed to allow heavy loads to hang through them and thus allowing a workstring to hang below during abandonment. The most common use of the Abandonment Valve and packer combination is offshore for storm abandonment, but can also be used for working on BOP’s during drilling without tripping the drill string out.

This valve uses a colleted sliding valve (lower collet) that is opened and closed by the disconnect and reconnect operations. The valve is designed so that the flow slots in the valve line up with the flow slots in the valve case to allow for higher rates of circulation without damaging the valve.

This valve uses a colleted latch that has a left-hand buttress thread allowing easy insertion of the latch while providing a strong connection. The colleted latch is supported during loading to ensure the latch threads stay completely engaged. All external threads are locked with set screws to ensure against backing off during packer setting.

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Product Information

Special Features

Right-hand release
Straight set down re-attachment
2.75” ID with Pump-Out Plug removed
Screw-on casing centralizer ring

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Product Specifications

Size (inches) Tool OD (inches) Thread Connections (Box Up / Pin Down) Part Number Technical Data
3-5/8 3.600* 2-3/8 IF TOOL JOINT 61736 Register/Login to see technical data
5-1/8 5.125* 3-1/2 IF TOOL JOINT 61751 Register/Login to see technical data
6-1/4 6.250* 4-1/2 IF TOOL JOINT 61762 Register/Login to see technical data

* OD of centralizer ring is larger than the basic tool OD.

NOTE: All pricing includes standard Nitrile trim. Other sizes and connections available upon request.

Centralizer Sizes

Casing Size (inches) Centralizer OD (inches)
7 5.75
9-5/8 8.13
10-3/4 9.25
11-3/4 10.25
13-3/8 11.63
18-5/8 16.75

Abandonment Valve